Sunday, September 06, 2015

Ohayoo Gozaimasu!

I am in Japan; landed in Tokyo yesterday. Leave aside its tech part, what's more striking is a near-noiseless ambiance. Tokyo is as crowded as any other town back in India is, but sans noise and clutter! I can't fathom how much sound we make everyday - it's almost surreal to be in a noise-less world. I can't stop wondering how so many people in Tokyo manage not to be noisy, keep their city clean, and yet work more than most of us do! I have no doubt, we are about 99 per cent noise and just one percent work. Next two months, while I exchange notes with fellows from all over Asia in the Asia Leadership Fellow Program (ALFP), I will also be trying to pick Japanese words (the title of this blog means Good Morning); learn a bit of Sushi; and of course drink Sake.

Between, here's the view outside my small little room - of the gardens at the International House of Japan (IHJ), where I am staying.

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