Saturday, November 29, 2008

Need a World Parliament

Do we need a world parliament? I think it’s time for one, given that the issues and problems and crises ripping apart nations across the globe are rooted in factors that are inter-continental and inter-national. The United Nations have no teeth, perhaps a world parliament could build political consensus among the countries democratically, on the larger issues that plague us – it may also bring about the voices of citizens to be heard.


Unknown said...

Are you familiar with the Campaign to Establish a UN Parliamentary Assembly?

and on Facebook at


Unknown said...

Thanks for the info, Tony.

Annie's Desk said...

Hey Jaideep,
So good to hear from you after such a looong looong time.
How have you been? Had no clue how to revert, so chose to leave a msg here, hoping it'll reach you.
Do stay in touch.
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