Friday, May 06, 2011

Are US and Pak fooling us?

I am not a foreign policy analyst or an expert in military issues, but what is now being claimed as a stealth raid by the US navy seals to kill Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, bang inside the Pakistani territory, leaves more questions than answers.
That Indian foreign policy and military analysts within the State and in the 24X7 media haven't raised questions regarding the many missing links surrounding the facts of the raid is not only baffling. It is in worrisome.
First: I find it indigestible to accept that the Pakistani defense establishment had no idea of the US raid on a compound that hosted Osama in their sovereign territory - and that too in a town like Abbottabad where the entire Army training is based. Four choppers flew in to carry out the raids; circled around the town for hours, as one of the tweeters put it, and one of them actually crashed near the compound, and no one even knew it? Rubbish. A crashing chopper, in flames, could hardly be kept a secret.
I find it even more of a fiction that four stealth choppers fly in, in the middle of the night, over this compound with no ground directions, right in the heart of Pakistan?
From where did the American stealth helicopters fly? I believe from the nearest base somewhere in Afghanistan.
Is it possible to navigate their way into the territory right in the heart of Pakistan without any ground communication? I believe, from whatever I've read, it isn't.
Indian defense experts - I believe - are taking a closer look at the theories doing the round, and I'm sure they are concerned at the fact that the US and Pakistan are fooling the world with their common lies about this raid. For, if the US and Pakistani establishment are hand in glove, it obviously is a concern for India. It's happening next door.
The US meanwhile has launched more attacks inside Pakistan, and the premier is still on a foreign tour.
Who are the militants getting killed, including Osama? Not a single one is a Pakistani national. And I believe, it is significant. Osama was an arab. Others being neutralised are either Afghans or Arabs. Are any of the militants of Al Qaeda being killed, Pakistani nationals? I see no terrorist born and bred in Pakistan getting killed or neutralised by the US forces. The killings appear selective, and pretty much with the knowledge and complicity of Pakistan. Is it some part of a bigger deal? We shall - and must - know over the next few days or, may be, years.
Osama was sick. Abbottabad is not known to have private hospitals, at least from the information available on the internet. It has a military hospital though. It is virtually impossible that the Pakistani military and establishment had no knowledge of his presence. Even the Pakistani journalists are refusing to accept their establishment's view that they had no idea of Osama's presence. Some of them actually are hinting that Osama might have lived his utility for the shrewd Pakistani military establishment.

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